CrossFit Programs for All Ages & Experience Levels

CrossFit CMX Athletics strives to fit the needs of its members by offering a wide array of fitness training programs. Each program offers a different  perspective on attaining your ideal fitness and is tailored to fit the unique vision of the program and the member.

CrossFit Program

CrossFit is defined as, “constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity.” At CrossFit CMX Athletics, we prefer to increase the intensity only after our members learn to move with the correct technique. These classes will create the greatest potential for overall improvement of fitness. There are elements of weightlifting (power/olympic) lifting, gymnastics (think pull ups not iron cross), and cardio endurance training. The beauty of CrossFit is that any workout can be modified to fit the skill level of the individual.

CrossFit creates a great community of others supporting you in your efforts to achieve your fitness goals. There are many membership options to create flexibility in your crossfit experience.

At CrossFit CMX Athletics, we help you target:

  • Weight loss
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Cardio endurance capacity
  • Gymnastics ability
  • Strength and power development
CrossFit Classes in Gibsonia, PA
CrossFit Kids Classes in Gibsonia, PA

CrossFit Kids Program

Our CrossFit Kids Program (ages 5-12) is the best way for us to teach proper form and technique, in order to grow a generation of well rounded athletes. We don’t want to just teach children to be good at one thing, our goal is to help them be great at everything. All children enrolled in our CrossFit Kids program will have fun as they learn to increase their ability to move through custom programming, with meticulous focus always targeted on form and proper technique. In addition to the physical teachings, children will learn:

  • Teamwork: in CrossFit, no one is left behind and everyone encourages each other
  • Humility: recognizing how much more we can all do and be
  • Pride: in accomplishing goals and mastering skills
  • Respect: for themselves and everyone around them

Age isn’t the sole factor in determining which class children are enrolled in. We will assess each child’s abilities to ensure correct class placement.

CrossFit CMX Teens Program

Our CrossFit CMX Teens Program (ages 13-18) will help shape your teen’s life-long definition of health and fitness by pairing hard work and fun so that they will build healthy habits to last a lifetime. We want to turn normal teenagers into athletes and athletes into elite competitors.

We combine parts of gymnastics, bodyweight movements, running, and weightlifting. Gymnastics will aid your teenager’s development by involving the vestibular system, which is important for young athletes to determine where their body is positioned in space. Weightlifting will aid bone density development and take advantage of the window of opportunity for peak development in both children and teens.

With athletes training for a sport, our workouts are constantly done at “game speed,” which train your atheletes body to always be prepared for high intensity, essentially giving them the overall edge come game time!

CrossFit CMX Teens Program
CrossFit Generoasta Classes in Gibsonia, PA

CrossFit Gerousia Program

Just because you’re not as young as you used to be doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do the things you want. Exercise does a lot for us as we get older. Not only does it help you maintain muscle and increase bone density, it help preserves mobility and improves your overall mood.

This is why we offer our Gerousia Program, which is designed specifically for people over the age of 55. The intensity may be lower and the weights are not as heavy, but the movements in general will be the same as our regular classes. This is because our need to perform essential human movements doesn’t change as we get older so the training movements will remain the same but the weight and volume of those movements isn’t necessarily needed for the goals of someone over 55.

At CrossFit CMX Athletics, it starts with a conversation. After that, we will perform a basic physical assessment by taking the athlete through a series of basic mobility tests. Upon completion of our evaluation, we will create a plan that is personally tailored to that member.


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