A Family Fitness Approach to CrossFit Training

A Family Fitness Approach to CrossFit Training

This is a lighthearted look into what we see for the future of our box. We take training seriously, we see friends as family, and view business as just that. Crossfit isn’t easy. You made the decision to better yourself, so when you walk through the door to our gym, you have our promise that we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

There will be days you won’t want to come in, there will be days when no matter how hard you try, the PR just doesn’t happen. But that won’t deter us all from picking each other up, dusting ourselves off and striving for our best. The only competition you need to have here is the one within yourself. You dictate how far you want to go and we will support you the whole way.

A Family Fitness Approach to CrossFit Training

What we do at our gym will define what we feel CrossFit should be. We don’t want to be just another storefront in the neighborhood. We want our gym to be your favorite place to go, we want you to stay as long as you’d like and we want you to feel at home while you’re here. It won’t always be about lifting heavy and feeling exhausted. You will make friends with people that share your same fitness goals and values. There will be volunteer days, family gatherings (because that’s what we are) and plenty of hilarious memories.

Our hope is that you find a new fitness family here. A family that will not only help you physically improve, but be there to cheer you on in those moments when you’re tired and just want to give up … because you can always do ONE MORE!

Meet Our Staff

  • Craig Hoolahan
    Craig Hoolahan Owner/Coach

    Craig Hoolahan is a father of two incredible children, whom he teaches that being spontaneous and impulsive isn’t always a bad thing. He thrives when he’s told something isn’t possible or is too risky. From Tough Mudders to MS150 bike rides to CrossFit, he’s learned that mental grit and heart are every bit as important as strength.

  • Tommy Lisowski
    Tommy Lisowski Head Coach

    Tommy is a CrossFit Level-1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer. He has been involved in CrossFit for over 4 years and coaching CrossFit for 2 years. Tommy’s goal is to make every athlete’s experience at the gym the absolute best time of their day. Tommy continues to explore the endless possibilities of CrossFit to deliver dynamic workouts each and every day.

Why Choose CrossFit CMX Athletics?


Making strides in your fitness journey all starts with a base of support. Your fitness community is your support. To get better everyday, your friends and coaches you meet at CMX Athletics will motivate you to push through the discomfort to make the changes you want to see.


The coaching at CrossFit CMX Athletics sets us apart by providing in depth analysis and unwavering support throughout each athlete’s journey to the pursuit of greater fitness. The coaches will be your best friends and your fearless leaders.


We make it a high priority to keep members’ training experience unique by providing a wide range of programming options to fit the skill level of each member. From beginner to advanced, there is a programming option each workout that provides members the ideal stimulus for results.


Our coaches offer personal training sessions that can help you attain your specific goals paired with customized programming and weekly consultation.

Specialty Classes

We offer multiple specialty courses each month to further hone the skills required for endurance, weightlifting, and gymnastics. These specialized courses will enhance your ability to perform during the everyday class workout to optimize results.


CrossFit CMX Athletics is conveniently located right off of Route 910 in Gibsonia and offers a wide range of class times and open gym time to ensure you are able to get your workouts done each day.


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