We can all agree your home gym served as a perfect replacement for your gym membership during the quarantine. It helped you maintain some level of fitness while you weren’t able to enter an actual facility. Many of you actually used it more than you ever had in the past. You may have gotten your significant other to join you for a sweat session, and your kids enjoyed watching you both suffer through burpees.

But don’t be lured into the trap most people fall into with their home gym. You started strong and kept up your usual 4-5 day regimen while paying fairy close attention to your diet. We all backslid a little while our days ran together, and our responsibilities fell to the wayside. But it’s been months, and you’re probably back to work at some level, and now your excuses to not workout officially outweigh your want to head for your garage and break a sweat.

Now that facilities have opened with a few new rules, you may still be hesitant to get back to it. But, these 5 reasons should help you get over that:

Prioritize Time For Fitness

When you’re in your home surrounded by TVs, cellphones, children, pets, it’s easy to be distracted. You tell yourself all day that you’re going to do something, maybe something as simple as a 2,000-meter row or a 1-mile run.  Yet, you’re lured in by that final season on Netflix or the next rabbit hole on YouTube. Stop making it so hard on your willpower and get back to your local gym. Once you drive there and walk in the door, it’s much harder to skip today’s workout.

Proper Instruction and Coaching 

This is a big one! Yeah Yeah! You’ve been working out for over 10 years, and your form is perfect. No one pushes you harder than you can, and you criticize your own form on your IG videos. While that sounds great, it’s hard to compete with an actual instructor. Even the best athletes and Olympic competitors need a coach to push them, fine-tune their movements, and continually show their athletes the path to greatness. If you want to grow beyond where you were when we were forced into our home gyms, you have to get back to regular instruction, right now!


There’s truth in saying, “You’re taking it for granted.” You have a gym in your house; there’s no way you’d be too busy not to get in there. Yet, here we are! You did a great job for a while but, now you’re 4-5 days per week has turned into 2-3 days. It’s simple when you think about it, when you have it so close to you, you feel like you have more time to run in and crush a 30-minute workout than you really do. So, you make plans or start projects you’ve been putting off instead of really getting that workout done before you do anything else.


Without it, are you sure you’re really pushing yourself. It’s fun to have a couple of friends workout out in your home gym but, how many of us are getting a friend to join us in our garage as often as we were a few months ago? We all know that feeling you get when you look across the room and your gym buddy beating you by 2-3 reps, and you only have 1:00 left to catch them. You put your blinders up, take a deep breath, and PUT THE HAMMER DOWN. You may not beat them in the workout, but you can bet the house they helped you push harder than without them in the room. That feeling and push are how you grow! Without that competition, you will become stagnant and plateau much faster than you ever would have in your original gym setting.

Equipment Constraints

It was fun writing some of your own programming for a while, and you even had enough stuff to get through a couple of the online workouts. Now, you’re starting to notice some holes in your game. You’ve been cherry-picking your workouts and forgetting to program all those movements you struggle with. Running, assault bike, burpees, and thrusters have quickly fallen off the list of programmable movements. You haven’t been able to max a back squat or a deadlift in what seems like forever but, you promised you’d buy yourself those new plates for Christmas. Let’s be honest; your equipment at home was just enough to get by but, now you realize you need a small fortune to build that dream gym in your home. Remember that place you used to go to? They had more equipment than you could ever use; they took care of everything all you had to do was get in the door. Some of your old friends have gone back already, and they’re wondering where you’ve been. Let that place help you get back on track while you help them get back on their feet. Your body and your basement floors will thank you. 😉